Configure Aemulus Package Manager and build your mod loadout.
Aemulus Package Manager is an open-source program that organizes, merges, and builds mod loadouts for many of the Persona games.
A complete copy of Aemulus is included with P4G CEP, pre-loaded with many popular packages. All you need to do is set it up and build your custom mod loadout!
  • Package: A collection of loose files that Aemulus can build into a mod. We use the term "package" instead of "mod" to make it clear that you can't just drop them into the mods folder.
  • Build: The process of turning packages into mods. Aemulus takes the modded package files, merges them with copies of the vanilla game files, and saves them to your Persona 4 Golden\mods folder for Reloaded II to load.
  • GameBanana: The home of the P4G modding community (and many other game communities too!). Over 500 mods for P4G are hosted on GameBanana.
  • GitHub: A hosting platform for open-source software development, owned by Microsoft. P4G CEP downloads minor updates from GitHub.
  • Grid: The big list of packages in the Aemulus window.
  • Loadout: A configured setup of enabled and disabled packages in the grid. P4G CEP comes with its own customizable loadout, and you can create your own loadouts and quickly switch between them.
  • Priority: Packages with higher priority will override packages with lower priority in the event of a conflict that Aemulus can't merge. By default, packages higher up in the grid have higher priority. For more information, check out this entry in the Aemulus documentation.
  • Mod Compendium: An older tool used to mod Persona games before Aemulus was developed. Lacks many critical features compared to Aemulus such as merging. Aemulus is capable of importing and converting Mod Compendium mods.

Configure Aemulus

We need to set up Aemulus itself before we can dive into customization.

First Launch

  • Open your Aemulus folder.
  • Launch AemulusPackageManager.exe.
You'll be greeted with the package grid:
  • If you get a prompt to update the program, select Yes.
  • Once Aemulus has downloaded the update, click OK to restart the program.
  • Once Aemulus restarts, confirm in the top-right corner of the window that the program is version 6.1.1 or higher.

Set Game and Loadout

Set Game to Persona 4 Golden

  • Make sure the game is set to Persona 4 Golden and the interface icons are yellow.
  • If the game isn't correct or the interface icons are not yellow, click the icon in the top-left and select Persona 4 Golden from the dropdown.

Set Loadout to P4G CEP

  • Make sure the loadout to configure in the top-left of the window is set to P4G CEP.
  • If the loadout is set to something else, click the loadout box and select P4G CEP from the dropdown.

Set File Paths

Aemulus needs to know a few file and folder paths in order to function.
  • Output Folder: The location Aemulus will output mod files after building. For P4G, this is your Persona 4 Golden\mods folder.
  • P4G.exe Path: The same path to P4G.exe you set up in Reloaded II. Aemulus uses this to set up a shortcut to launch the game.
  • Reloaded-II.exe Path: Just like the P4G.exe Path, but you're selecting Reloaded-II.exe in your P4G Mods\.Reloaded II folder instead. Also used by Aemulus to create the launch shortcut.
  • Click the gear icon ⚙️ (Configure Paths and Settings) above the grid.
This will open the Persona 4 Golden Config window:
  • Click Browse to the right of each box and select the following files/folders:
Browse here...
Output Folder
...\steamapps\common\ Persona 4 Golden\mods folder
P4G.exe Path
...\steamapps\common\ Persona 4 Golden\P4G.exe
Reloaded-II.exe Path
...\P4G Mods\.Reloaded II\ Reloaded-II.exe
Double-check every file path!
  • If you see the word OneDrive anywhere, you MUST stop what you are doing and move your P4G Mods folder to a different location (we recommend C:\Mods).
  • Make sure your Aemulus folder is not in a OneDrive-controlled directory either.
  • Make sure you have selected the steamapps\common\Persona 4 Golden\mods folder and not the .Reloaded II\Mods folder as your Output Folder.
  • Make sure you have selected Reloaded-II.exe and not Reloaded-II32.exe.

Double-Check Checkboxes

  • Make sure the following boxes are checked at the bottom of the Config window:
    • Empty SND Folder
    • Use CPK Structure
    • Delete Old Versions
Check Enable Mod Updates and Update All on Refresh if you would like to get update notifications and automatic updates for P4G CEP.

Unpack Base Files

Aemulus needs to unpack some of P4G's data archives into a folder named Original so that it can merge packages that edit the same archives together.
  • Make sure the box at the bottom of the Config window is set to English (data_e.cpk).
  • If the language isn't correct, click the language box and select English (data_e.cpk) from the dropdown.
  • Click Unpack Base Files. Aemulus will start unpacking the game archives for package merging.
You can follow along by watching the Aemulus console:
Unpacking P4G can take up to fifteen minutes, but you only need to do this once.
The console will sometimes appear to freeze - this is normal, just keep waiting.
Add your Aemulus folder to your antivirus software's exclusions list and try again.
  • A window with Finished Unpacking! will appear when Aemulus has finished. Click OK to close it.
  • Close the Config window to return to the package grid.

Customize Your Loadout

Now for the fun part! It's time to choose which mods you'd like to use in P4G.
Package Information
Enable / Disable Packages
Add Custom Packages
  • Click on a package to get more information about it on the right side of the grid.
  • For even more information, click the package's GameBanana or GitHub link to open the mod page on the Web.
Some GameBanana pages may contain unmarked spoilers.
  • To enable a package and include it in your loadout, check its box in the grid.
To disable a package, uncheck its box in the grid.
Please confirm the packages included with P4G CEP are working correctly with your game before adding any more.
After you have finished setting up and testing P4G CEP, check out the Get More Mods page to learn how to get even more mods from GameBanana.
Make sure only one of each of these is enabled:
  • Controller UI Overhaul: One controller type
  • Useful Calendar: Spoiler-Free or With Spoilers
  • Battle Portraits: Corrected Battle Portraits or P4 Arena Ultimax Battle Portraits
(P4 Arena Ultimax Follow-Up Portraits does not change the battle portraits and can be used with either Battle Portraits package.)
The JP Audio Compatibility Patch for Custom Sub Menu prevents the Japanese character dialogue from being muted when opening doors in dungeons.
These voice lines were never recorded in English, so only enable this package if you are playing with Japanese voices.

Build Your Loadout

Once you start building, Aemulus will delete EVERYTHING in the Output Folder you defined in the Config window.
Make sure there are no important files in your Persona 4 Golden\mods folder.
  • Once you've finished customizing your mod loadout, click the 🔨 Build button above the grid.
  • A window will appear asking you to confirm that everything in the output folder will be deleted.
  • If the folder in the confirmation box is your Persona 4 Golden\mods folder, click Yes to start building your loadout.
Take a little time now to save a lot of time later! Double-check!!
  • Make sure you see the words Persona 4 Golden\mods at the end of the file path.
  • If you build in the base Persona 4 Golden folder and not the mods subfolder, Aemulus will delete the entire game and you will have to reinstall it!
  • If you build in the Reloaded II Mods folder, Aemulus will delete the P4G mod loader and you will have to restart P4G CEP installation from the beginning!
You can follow along by watching the Aemulus console:
The console will sometimes appear to freeze - this is normal, just keep waiting.
  • A window with Finished Unpacking! will appear when Aemulus has finished. Click OK to close it.
  • Keep Aemulus open! You'll need it for the next step.
Yes, as many times as you like! Just customize your loadout to your liking, then click Build again!