2023 Update FAQ

Information about the P4G64 update and plans for P4G CEP.
Do not harass or repeatedly port-beg any mod or tool creators. Modding is a hobby done freely out of passion. Not everyone who was interested in modding P4G in 2020 is going to still be interested in 2023. Do not harass any Atlus or Sega employees. Their job was to improve the performance and multi-platform compatibility of P4G, not to make legacy fan works compatible. Users found to have engaged in harassment will be banned from all support channels.

General Questions

On 19 January 2023, Persona 4 Golden received a major update on PC to bring it in line with the console ports that launched the same day.
We call this update P4G64 because the game executable is now 64-bit.
P4G64 has many improvements over the original 2020 PC port, including:
  • Improved performance and fewer crashes
  • Support for new languages: French, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish
  • A new quicksave option that lets you create a suspend save anywhere
  • A new album feature that lets you rewatch Social Link events and make different choices
  • The ability to choose which controller prompts you like instead of auto-assigning them
  • Fixed animations that didn't play properly at 60+ FPS
  • Other bug fixes (Dojima blinks now!)

We'll need your patience.

  • Almost all mods (including P4G CEP) will need to be updated for P4G64.
    • In some cases, this is as simple as moving around a few files, but in others a more comprehensive overhaul is required.
  • We have a mod loader ready for P4G64 - Persona Essentials, the P5R mod loader, is compatible with P4G64!
    • It's also much faster and more stable than the old mod loader.
    • Persona Essentials cannot merge mods that edit the same files or archives the way Aemulus can - this is being worked on.
  • Essentially, the first few months of modding P4G64 is going to look a lot like the first few months of modding P4G32.
    • Mod creators will be testing things, changes will be happening very quickly, and there will be a lot of mods that simply don't play nice with each other.
    • Just be patient - we're all working on making P4G modding better than ever!

Or if you'd like to lend us a hand...

  • If you're of the programming persuasion and want to help update our modding tools, go ahead and make a pull request - that's the beauty of open software!
  • Not a programmer? Once mod creators update their mods for P4G64, they'll need user feedback. Even a simple "It works great, thank you!" comment goes a long way.

Wonderful things are coming!

  • Now that P4G is more stable, many users will be able to add more Reloaded II mods without the game crashing at launch.
  • P4G64 changed how audio files are stored for the better - it's much easier to create mods that change voice lines and sound effects now.
  • We're working on making Reloaded II a more comprehensive solution for Persona modding. Once everything is complete, you won't have to wait forever to unpack the game files or build your loadout!
  • P4G CEP will be updated to work with P4G64 when version 11.0 launches. We ask for your patience as we work on this major update.
    • If you'd like to stay updated and provide feedback on the pack as we work on it, join us in the Discord server.
    • If you have disabled automatic updates, you can continue to use P4G CEP 10.2.5 as long as you don't update to P4G64. Make sure to always launch the game from Reloaded II or Aemulus.

Using Mods with P4G64

Since P4G64 changes so many things, we've created a new "64-Bit" page on GameBanana specifically for the new build. If a mod is on this page, it's been made or updated to work with P4G64.
The opposite is also true - if you see a mod on the old "32-Bit" GameBanana page, it hasn't been updated and probably won't work with P4G64.
(This will link to Mudkip's new setup guide once he makes it visible.)
There is no official way to downgrade P4G to the 32-bit build, but you can unofficially download P4G32 using the Steam console (without uninstalling P4G64).
Most mod creators will be testing their mods with the Steam release of P4G. Setting up mods on the Xbox version of P4G is more difficult, and not all mods are compatible.
Stay tuned for more information...