Answers to frequently asked questions.
This page is for answers to general questions about P4G CEP.
For assistance with common issues during setup, refer to the Troubleshooting page.

Getting Started

Yes. We've worked with the modding community to carefully select mods that create a "vanilla-plus" game experience.
If you'd like to lean more into the "vanilla" than the "plus" side of things, with just QOL mods and no changes to the original game balance or mechanics, we recommend disabling the Aemulus packages in the Expansions and Balance sections before building (and don't use any of the cheats, obviously).
Yes. P4G CEP is fully compatible with unmodded P4G save data.
You can start using P4G CEP at any time from an unmodded playthrough, and you can stop using P4G CEP at any time to go back to playing unmodded.
Yes. You can still earn every achievement in the game and trading cards will drop.
Note that if you are using the Ultimate Persona Compendium Registration mod, the protagonist's ultimate Persona (which can only be fused in New Game+) will count towards 100% completion of the Persona Compendium and the Thorough Bookkeeper achievement.
In order to earn this achievement, you will need to either fuse this Persona in New Game+ or avoid using this mod until after you have unlocked the achievement. Advanced Persona fusion is unlocked on 7/10 in-game.
No. As far as we know, nobody has ever been banned from P4G's online features for playing with mods or cheats.


It's already installed! As of P4G v1.1, the executable is pre-patched to be large-address aware.
Depends on the mod. In general, the more core functionality a mod changes, the less likely it is to be compatible with P4G CEP:
  • Overhaul mods like Nightmare Difficulty generally work best on their own, without any additional mods.
  • Mods that changes battle music are not compatible with Delicate Music Tweaks; you'll need to disable one or the other.
  • Mods that change huge parts of the game (like ALL of the text) generally won't work well with P4G CEP.
If a mod doesn't seem to work, some other mod might be overriding it. Try moving your package to the top of your Aemulus loadout and rebuilding.
Check out the Community Recommendations page for some great mods that are confirmed to work with P4G CEP!
Custom Sub Menu is configured in-game, not in Aemulus or Reloaded II.
  • Launch P4G and load your save data.
  • Open the regular sub menu:
    • X (Xbox) / ▢ (PlayStation) / Y (Nintendo)
  • With the sub menu open, press the command menu button:
    • Y (Xbox) / △ (PlayStation) / X (Nintendo)


That's not a question.
Eh, close enough.
Chances are that if you've seen a new P4G mod on GameBanana, we've seen it too, and we're either deciding whether it's a good fit for P4G CEP, checking if it's compatible with P4G CEP, or asking the mod creator if it's okay to include it.
We're always open to suggestions, though - if you drop a comment on GameBanana, Nexus Mods, or Discord, we'll make sure to read it and get back to you.