64-Bit Update FAQ

Information about the 64-bit update and plans for P4G CEP.
Do not harass or port-beg any mod or tool creators. Modding is a hobby done freely and out of passion. Some mod creators are still active, while others have moved on to other projects. Do not contact or harass any Atlus or Sega employees about this. Their job was to port P4G to new platforms, not to make legacy fan works compatible.

General Questions

What is the 64-bit update? What is "P4G64?"
On 19 January 2023, Persona 4 Golden received a major update on PC to bring it in line with the console ports that launched the same day.
We call this update P4G64 because the game executable is now 64-bit. As you might have guessed, this means we call the old 32-bit build P4G32.
What improvements does the 64-bit version have over the 32-bit version?
  • Improved performance and fewer crashes
  • Support for new languages: French, German, Italian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish
  • A new quicksave option that lets you create a suspend save anywhere
  • A new Album feature, accessible in the couch in your room
    • Rewatch Social Link events
    • Make different choices and see alternate relationship paths
  • The ability to choose which controller prompts you like instead of auto-assigning them
  • Fixed animations that didn't play properly at 60+ FPS
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes (Dojima blinks now!)

P4G CEP with 64-Bit P4G

When was P4G CEP updated for 64-bit P4G?
P4G CEP was updated for 64-bit P4G with version 11.0 on 04 March 2023.
What's changed in P4G CEP v11?
  • P4G CEP now supports the 64-bit version of the game.
  • Instead of using both Reloaded II and Aemulus Package Manager, everything is now handled by the Persona Essentials mod loader in Reloaded II alone.
  • Some mods have been temporarily removed from the pack compared to v10 due to compatibility reasons - they will be added back over time as developers update their mods for the 64-bit version of P4G.
  • Right now, mods can't be enabled / disabled individually like they could in v10 - see the question below for more information.
  • Right now, we don't recommend adding any additional mods on top of P4G CEP - see the question below for more information.
Why can't I enable / disable mods in P4G CEP v11 the way I could in older versions? Why does P4G CEP v11 say adding more mods is not recommended?

A Quick Explanation of Archive Conflicts

The Persona Essentials mod loader does not support merging archives yet. For example, let's take two mods: Colorful Skills+ and Controller UI Overhaul.
  • Colorful Skills+ edits the file c_main_01_2.tmx in an archive called init_free.bin.
  • Controller UI Overhaul edits a few different files, also in the init_free.bin archive.
Since both of these mods edit the init_free.bin archive, they can't be used together. Whichever mod is lower in your loadout will have higher priority and override the other.

How does P4G CEP address this issue?

P4G CEP currently deals with this problem by using one large "P4G Community Enhancement Pack" Reloaded II mod that includes all of the mods in the pack manually merged together.
This allows you to play with many different mods that would otherwise have archive conflicts, but there are two major drawbacks:
  • Mods in the big P4G CEP mod can't be individually enabled or disabled
  • Adding additional mods on top of P4G CEP is likely to cause an archive conflict and break the pack

This wasn't an issue before! What changed?

Previously, we used Aemulus Package Manager to merge mods that edited the same archives, but this wasn't an ideal solution for several reasons:
  • The game archives had to be unpacked, a process which took a long time
  • Any changes to the package loadout had to be built afterwards, taking more time
  • The build process relied on several older Persona modding tools that were not optimized for multi-threaded processors, making build times even longer
  • Many users were confused as to why they needed two different mod managers

So what are you using now?

The modding community decided to drop Aemulus support for the new PC ports of Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 Royal - everything would be handled by the Persona Essentials mod loader at runtime instead.
Persona Essentials is a work in progress, but rest assured that archive merging is coming! The community appreciates your patience as we continue to work on our new modding tools.
What is the status of archive merging for the 64-bit Persona games?
  • BIN/PAK merging: This feature will allow for most of the large asset archives to be merged without overriding each other.
    • BIN/PAK merging was added to Persona Essentials in version 2.2.
  • BF merging: This feature will allow for mods that edit the same binary game logic files to be merged without overriding each other.
    • BF merging is in development and testing.
  • SPR merging: This feature will allow for mods that edit the same SPR texture archives to be merged without overriding each other.
    • Work on SPR merging has not yet begun.
  • TBL merging: This feature will allow for mods that edit the same data tables to be merged without overriding each other.
    • TBL merging is in early stages of development.
Which mods were temporarily or permanently removed from P4G CEP v11?


The following mods still exist in P4G CEP under different names.
  • Accurate Summoning Cards and Corrected Battle Portraits are now part of Texture Fixes Pack+ 64.
  • Clean Title Bar is now part of Tiny Fixes 64.

Temporarily Removed

The following mods have been temporarily removed from P4G CEP due to incompatibilities with the 64-bit version. They will be added back over time as they are updated for the new version of P4G.
  • Better Quizzes, Crane Game Rebalanced, Dojima's Coffee, Dungeon Save Points, Evening Hangout Improvements, Hyperspeed Reading+, Unmissable Books, and Produce Store will be added once Persona Essentials supports flowscript merging.
  • Framerate unLimiter and Hidden Field Names are executable patches that will be added once their creators update them for 64-bit P4G.
  • Ultimate Persona Compendium Registration will be added once Persona Essentials supports TBL merging.
  • Delicate Music Tweaks was removed because 64-bit P4G is not compatible with the BGM Extended patch which was necessary for the mod to work. We are working on a new version of BGME and an updated music enhancement pack for 64-bit P4G.

Permanently Removed

The following mods have been permanently removed from P4G CEP.
  • Blue Aeon Arcana and P4 Arena Ultimax Battle Portraits were removed as they were significant changes in the game's presentation and didn't fit the "vanilla-plus" direction of P4G CEP.
  • Crash Warning warned 32-bit P4G users of a crash that could occur after the tutorial battle when playing with mods. This crash no longer occurs with 64-bit P4G, so the warning has been removed.

P4G CEP with 32-Bit P4G

P4G Community Enhancement Pack is no longer supported for 32-bit P4G. To receive updates and support, you must use the 64-bit version of the game.
Does P4G CEP v10 still work with 32-bit P4G?
P4G CEP v10.99 will continue to work with 32-bit P4G. You can download v10.99 from the Old Files section on Nexus Mods.
Be aware that we no longer host the instructions for P4G CEP v10 - you will need to figure out set it up on your own.
Why did CEP Team switch to supporting the 64-bit version of P4G when the 32-bit version has more mods and offers greater customization?
  • The 64-bit version of P4G is the version new players will be downloading from Steam when they buy the game. We can't ask players to block updates on Steam forever.
  • Asking players to use the developer console to download an old version of P4G goes against our beginner-friendly approach.
  • The 32-bit version of P4G was plagued with performance issues and hard crashes, some of which we never found solutions for. Some players were simply locked out of playing P4G with mods and there was nothing we could do about it. The 64-bit version largely resolves these stability issues.
  • Modding tools are actively being worked on and improved for 64-bit P4G. Once archive merging is available, many more mods will be available for the new version and customization will return to P4G CEP.
Can I use mods from the "Persona 4 Golden (32 Bit)" page with 64-bit P4G?
No. The 32-bit and 64-bit versions of P4G use completely different mods and mod loaders, and many mods from the 32-bit version of P4G require substantial reworks before they can be used with the 64-bit version.
I updated to 64-bit P4G and want to go back. How can I download the 32-bit version?
You can download the 32-bit version of P4G using the Steam console (without uninstalling your 64-bit copy).