Reloaded II

Configure the Reloaded II mod injector.

P4G CEP includes a pre-configured version of the Reloaded II mod injector.

Reloaded II is an open-source program that injects our mods into P4G using a mod loader named Persona Essentials.

Reloaded II is powerful software that enables arbitrary/custom code execution. Never add a mod to Reloaded II unless you trust the creator.

Every mod used in P4G CEP is open-source and made by trusted community members.

Important Terms
  • Reloaded II: A universal modding tool used by many different games. Best known for being the modding backbone of several 3D Sonic games.

  • Persona Essentials: A mod that can load other Persona PC mods while the game is running, without directly replacing the game files.

  • Mod injection: Adding modified files or information to a game while it plays, without changing the original game files. Also known as mod loading.

  • Tiny Fixes 64: A mod that uses Inaba EXE Patcher to fix several small bugs.

  • Inaba Exe Patcher: A mod that can modify the content of the P4G.exe executable before the game starts, without permanently altering the file.

First Launch

  • Open your P4G Mods\.Reloaded II folder.

  • Launch Reloaded-II.exe (you'll have to scroll down a bit).

Make sure to launch Reloaded-II.exe and not Reloaded-II32.exe.

P4G CEP Team only support the build of Reloaded II included with the pack!

The included build is specifically configured and tested for P4G CEP. We cannot guarantee functionality with any other builds or versions of Reloaded II.

A window called "Update Available" or "Mod Updates Available" appeared.
  • Select Update or Download and wait for the download to complete.

  • Reloaded II will automatically close and restart after updating.

A window called "Reloaded II Tutorial" appeared.
  • Select Skip the Tutorial to close the window.

Your Reloaded II window should look like this when you first launch the program:

Configure Mods

Let's go to the configuration page for P4G and explore a few optional settings.

Select P4G

  • Select the Persona 4 Golden game icon on the left side of the Reloaded II window.

You'll now be in the Configure Mods window for Persona 4 Golden:

Set Executable Path

Reloaded II needs to know where the P4G.exe executable is so it can launch the game and inject our mods with Persona Essentials.

Open Application Settings

  • Under the Main section on the left side of the window, select Edit Application.

You'll now be in the Edit Application window for P4G.

  • Behold the protagonist's dreamy face.

Update File Path

  • Select the Update button to update the file path to start browsing for P4G.exe.

A file picker window will open.

  • Navigate to P4G.exe in your Persona 4 Golden game folder.

Remember, your path to P4G.exe might not be the same as the one in the picture!

Refer back to Locate P4G.exe if you have forgotten your folder path.

  • Select P4G.exe, then click Open in the bottom-right corner.

  • Double-check that line next to the Update button shows your path to P4G.exe.

Moving On

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