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Looking to add even more mods to Persona 4 Golden? You're in the right place!
Not every mod is compatible with P4G CEP.
Always read the Mod Page before downloading new mods! Some of them have important information or additional instructions to follow.

Browsing GameBanana

GameBanana is the home of the P4G modding community.
There are over 500 mods available for the game, and most of them can be installed to Aemulus with just two clicks!

GameBanana Browser

You can discover and install new mods using the GameBanana browser built into Aemulus.
  • Launch Aemulus.
  • Select Download Packages in the top-left corner of the window to launch the GameBanana package browser.
For more information, visit the Download Packages and Organize and Build pages in the official Aemulus guide.

Community Recommendations

These are some popular mods that are completely compatible with P4G CEP.
Mod Name
Compendium Restoration Pack adds all 21 Personas from P3 that were removed in P4. Signature Skills+ adds the ability for Personas to learn their signature Skills through level-up. It's best to install these mods before starting a New Game or New Game+ run.
Adds a romance route for Yosuke using a combination of cut content and original writing. If you are using Social Link Cheat Sheet, download this compatibility patch and place the patch package above both Yosuke Romance and Social Link Cheat Sheet.