Get More Mods

Download and install more mods from GameBanana.

Some mods are not compatible with P4G CEP.

For example, any mod that modifies c_main01x2.spr is not compatible with the pack because it is modified by Interface Enhancement Pack and doesn't support archive merging.

You'll have to experiment to see what does and doesn't work, but that's part of the fun!

Always check the mod description for CEP-related information, and make sure the mod you're looking at isn't in the pack already.

For a list of popular mods that are confirmed work with P4G CEP, scroll down to the Popular Community Mods section.

Adding more mods to P4G is easier than ever with Reloaded II and GameBanana!

Launch Reloaded II

  • Open your P4G Mods folder and launch Reloaded II.

    • You can minimize the window for now, but leave it open and make sure only one instance of Reloaded II is running.

Get Mods from GameBanana

Some mod pages or thumbnails may contain unmarked spoilers.

GameBanana is the home of the P4G modding community. Over 100 mods are available for P4G and can be installed to Reloaded II with just a few clicks!

Browse GameBanana

Mods on the Persona 4 Golden (32 Bit) GameBanana page are not compatible with the 64-bit version of the game (that's what you have).

  • Find a mod you like and click on it to open its page.

  • Read the entire mod description before continuing! Mod creators write these specifically for you so that you know exactly what the mod does and how it works. Sometimes there will be additional steps you'll need to take to install the mod, or there will be a configuration menu you can use to tweak it to your liking.

Download Mod

  • Once you've read the entire mod description, scroll down to the Files section. You'll usually see two files here—some mods with multiple variants or add-ons will have more.

  • To download and install the mod, simply click the Reloaded II: 1-Click Install button.

  • Your browser will ask you to confirm you want to open Reloaded II—select Open.

  • Reloaded II will take over from here—you'll get a notification when the mod has finished downloading.

  • You should now see your new mod in Reloaded II. Make sure to enable it!

Reorder Mods in Reloaded II

Mods in Reloaded II are loaded from the top down—this means if two mods edit the same files, the mod lower in the grid will take priority.

Be careful, modding veterans - this is the opposite of how Aemulus loads packages!

  • To organize your mod load order, simply drag and drop the mod to its desired position.

For best results, put your custom mods at the bottom of your Reloaded II loadout, below all the mods included with P4G CEP.

These are just some of the many mods out there and have been confirmed to work with P4G CEP.


Mod NameDescriptionNotes

Disables the built-in framerate limiter, uncapping the framerate.


Replaces Yosuke's Social Link with a romance route based on cut content.

Requires a compatibility patch to use with Social Link Cheat Sheet 64.

Optional track add-ons with a few fan-favorite remixes.


Adjusts the stock of drink vending machines and adds the ability to purchase drinks in bulk.


Adds a counter to the scooter menu showing your progress towards unlocking new content.


Reverses calendar dates in the UI to be in Day / Month format.


Skips certain story events which some users find distasteful.

Configure the mod in Reloaded II to adjust which events are skipped.


We don't recommend using cheats on a first playthrough!

Mod NameDescription

Displays affinity boosts and relationship flags next to each choice during Social Link and story events.

Highlights the correct answers to classroom questions and exams.

Highlights the best answers when cooking boxed lunches at home.

Removes the yellow and red sections from the fishing gauge.

Guarantees a "Great Blessing" when drawing a fortune from the shrine.

Guarantees the maximum bonus to Knowledge when studying at home.

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