Final Steps

Wrap up installation and play Persona 4 Golden!

A Few Tips Before Starting

Save Often!

  • Save the game often and use all of the save slots. You get 16 of them for a reason!

    • We recommend saving every night or every other night at the Dojima residence.

Configuring Custom Sub Menu

  • The first time you open the Sub Menu, you'll be asked to configure the Custom Sub Menu.

    • If you just want all the basic QOL improvements, simply press the back button and Custom Sub Menu will set itself up automatically.

    • If you'd like to know more about each feature, select it in the menu for a brief explanation and deeper customization options.

  • You can change these settings at any time—open the Sub Menu and press the Command Menu button to get back to the configuration window. See the FAQ for more info.

[Optional] Create Desktop Shortcut

To play P4G with mods, you must always start the game with Reloaded II. Just clicking the Play button in Steam will not inject any mods.

You can create a desktop shortcut to quickly launch P4G with mods without having to open the entire Reloaded II application every time.

  • If you want this, select Create Shortcut under the Actions section of Reloaded II.

A shortcut will be created on your Desktop that will let you quickly launch P4G with Reloaded II.

Launch P4G

  • Click Launch Application in Reloaded II or double-click your desktop shortcut to launch P4G.

Mods will not be injected if you just click the Play button in Steam.

You must always start the game through one of the following methods:

  • If you see the text "MOD LOADER ENABLED" on the title screen, your mods are working!

The game crashed / isn't loading mods.

Close the game and read the Troubleshooting page for common problems and solutions.

All Done!

You're ready to play Persona 4 Golden! You can jump right in, or you can check out the Appendix for a few bonus goodies:

  • The Extras page has instructions for creating a Steam shortcut to launch P4G with mods.

  • The Get More Mods page will guide you through adding even more P4G mods from GameBanana.

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