Answers to frequently asked questions.

This page is for answers to general questions about P4G CEP.

For assistance with common issues during setup, refer to the Troubleshooting page.

For questions specific to the new 64-bit release, refer to the 64-Bit Update FAQ.

Getting Started

Is P4G CEP a good choice for first-time players?

Yes. We've worked with the modding community to carefully select mods that create a "vanilla-plus" game experience.

There are a few small changes we've made to the game balance and mechanics to reduce frustration or reliance on random chance, but this is not a total overhaul pack.

Can I use P4G CEP in the middle of my playthrough, without starting a new game?

Yes. P4G CEP is fully compatible with unmodded P4G save data.

You can start using P4G CEP at any time from an unmodded playthrough, and you can stop using P4G CEP at any time to go back to playing unmodded.

Can I use P4G CEP with the Nintendo Switch version of P4G? Can I use P4G CEP with the PC Game Pass version of P4G? Can I use P4G CEP on Steam Deck?

No. Our mods and tools only support the Steam version of the game on Windows.

Can I still earn Steam achievements and trading cards while using P4G CEP?

Yes. You can still earn every achievement in the game and trading cards will drop.

Note that the Ultimate Persona Compendium Registration mod makes it so that the protagonist's ultimate Persona will count towards 100% completion of the Persona Compendium and the Thorough Bookkeeper achievement.

In order to earn this achievement, you will need to fuse this Persona in New Game+. Advanced Persona fusion is unlocked on 7/10 in-game.

Will I be banned from P4G's online features for using mods or cheats?

No. As far as we know, nobody has ever been banned from P4G's online features for playing with mods or cheats.


Should I install the Large Address Aware patch / 4GB Patch onto P4G.exe?

No. You haven't needed that patch for years!

  • The original v1.0 build of 32-bit P4G was very unstable - even if you just took a screenshot, it would overload its 2 GB of addressable memory and crash!

  • Users would install the Large Address Aware patch onto P4G 1.0. This would let the game address 4 GB of memory instead of 2 GB, reducing out-of-memory crashes.

  • Atlus noticed this problem and responded - P4G 1.1 was still 32-bit, but it baked the patch into the base executable to allow it to address 4 GB of memory.

  • And finally, the 64-bit update allows P4G to address 16,000,000,000 GB of memory!

Playing P4G

How do I open the configuration menu for Custom Sub Menu?
  • In any overworld area, open the sub menu.

    • Xbox: X PlayStation: Square Nintendo: Y Keyboard: F

  • With the sub menu open, press the Command Menu button.

    • Xbox: Y PlayStation: Triangle Nintendo: X Keyboard: Tab

Where is the Mod Menu option in Custom Sub Menu?

The Mod Menu tool was designed for mod developers to test their mods and was never intended or tested for end users. However, a number of users incorrectly attempted to use it as a "cheats menu" and ended up breaking their save data, sometimes irreversibly.

As P4G CEP is intended for end users and not mod developers, Mod Menu has been entirely disabled in Custom Sub Menu.


I found a really cool mod, please put it in the pack!

That's not a question.

I found a really cool mod, please put it in the pack?

Eh, close enough.

Chances are that if you've seen a new P4G mod on GameBanana, we've seen it too, and we're either deciding whether it's a good fit for P4G CEP, checking if it's compatible with P4G CEP, or asking the mod creator if it's okay to include it.

We're always open to suggestions, though - if you drop a comment on GameBanana, Nexus Mods, or Discord, we'll make sure to read it and get back to you.

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