Download and Prepare

Set up modding folders and install prerequisite runtimes.

Download P4G CEP

Download the latest version of P4G CEP now if you haven't already.

Set Up P4G Mods Folder

We will use a dedicated directory for our P4G modding tools. If you ever need to create a file backup, take a screenshot, or write down a note, save it in this folder to stay organized.

Important Terms
  • P4G Mods folder: A unified folder for your P4G modding setup.

    There are four folders in the P4G Mods folder:

    • .Reloaded II: This folder contains the Reloaded II mod loader. You'll learn more about it soon!

    • Backups: Use this folder to store any important files or folders you want to save.

    • Notes: Use this folder to store any information you think is worth keeping.

    • Setup: This folder contains the Persona Prerequisite Installer that downloads and installs the runtimes your modding tools need.

Prepare P4G Mods Folder

  • Unzip your downloaded P4G CEP archive.

  • Open the unzipped archive and locate the P4G Mods folder inside.

Copy P4G Mods Folder

What you do next depends on whether you already have a P4G Mods folder from a previous P4G CEP installation on your PC.

  • Move the P4G Mods folder to a suitable location on your PC.

We recommend creating a new top-level directory such as C:\Mods and placing your P4G Mods folder inside it.

Double-check your folder path!

Make sure your P4G Mods folder is NOT in any of these locations:

  • OneDrive

  • Program Files / Program Files (x86)

  • The Downloads, Documents, or Desktop folders

  • The Music, Pictures, or Videos folders

  • Any Steam or Steam library folder

  • The Persona 4 Golden game folder

Install Prerequisites

Do not skip this step, even if you've already done this before!

The prerequisite installer regularly gets updated with the latest runtimes that contain performance and security fixes.

There are a few core runtime libraries that our modding tools require to run. You can install them automatically or manually.

Important Terms
  • Runtime: A library of functions and instructions that your PC executes while a program is running. Many games and programs share the same common runtimes.

  • Visual C++: Microsoft's version of the C++ programming language.

  • .NET: A free cross-platform software framework by Microsoft.

We recommend using the included Persona Prerequisite Installer program to download and install the prerequisites. It's easy, fast, and open-source!

Start Prerequisite Installer

  • Open your P4G Mods\Setup folder and launch Install_Prerequisites.exe.

A console window will appear and the Prerequisite Installer will download the latest configuration data.

  • When prompted, press Enter to begin.

Review Installers and Terms of Use

The Prerequisite Installer will review what prerequisites will be downloaded and installed.

  • Press Enter to continue.

The Prerequisite Installer will present the Terms of Use for the software.

  • If you accept the Terms of Use, type y into the console window and press Enter.

Select Installation Mode

The Prerequisite Installer can run in Quiet Mode or Manual Mode.

  • Review the description of each mode in the console window, then type quiet or manual into the console window and press Enter.

Install Prerequisites

The Prerequisite Installer will download and either install or prompt you to install each of the necessary prerequisites, one at a time.

For your safety, every installer is verified with a SHA-512 checksum provided by Microsoft before anything is executed on your PC.

Finishing Up

If the Prerequisite Installer says All finished!, the prerequisites have installed successfully!

  • If the console window says Please restart your PC to complete the installation of ___ prerequisite(s), press Enter to close the Prerequisite Installer, then restart your PC before continuing.

  • Otherwise, simply press Enter to close the Prerequisite Installer and move on.

Moving On

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