Upgrade P4G CEP

Upgrade to the latest version of P4G CEP.
These instructions are for upgrading from P4G CEP 10.0 or newer.
If you are upgrading from a version older than 10.0, follow the installation instructions starting with Upgrade from Older P4G CEP to get the latest mods and tools.
Upgrading P4G CEP is save-safe.
You will not lose your save data and you do not need to start a new game.

Prepare to Upgrade

Close P4G

  • If Persona 4 Golden is running, close the game.

Update Aemulus

  • Launch Aemulus.
  • If you get a prompt to update the program, select Yes.
  • Once Aemulus has downloaded the update, click OK to restart the program.
  • Once Aemulus restarts, confirm in the top-right corner of the window that the program is version 6.3.0 or higher.

Upgrade P4G CEP

Download Upgrade

After Aemulus restarts, you should see a prompt to update P4G CEP.
  • Select Yes.
  • Make sure the Enable Mod Updates and Update All on Refresh options are enabled in your Config for Persona 4 Golden (PC).
  • Select one of the upgrade packages:
    • Upgrade Only: Downloads only the files that have changed from version 10.0. Most users will want to choose this option.
    • Reinstall All Packages: Redownloads every P4G CEP package. Use this if you deleted a P4G CEP package and want to restore it.

Customize Loadout

Your Aemulus loadout has been reset after downloading the upgrade package:
  • Any changes you made to enabled/disabled packages were reset to default.
  • Any non-CEP packages you have added were disabled and moved to the bottom of the grid.
You don't need to change anything in the Config menu or unpack base files again.

Build New Loadout

  • Once you've finished customizing your loadout, just 🔨 Build it again and you're ready to play!