Solutions to common issues.
This page is for assistance with common issues during setup.
For answers to general questions about P4G CEP, refer to the FAQ page.
If you have an Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow error in Aemulus, you have downloaded the P4G64 update and will need to wait for P4G CEP v11.
For more information, please read the 2023 Update FAQ.

My issue isn't listed here.

The fastest way to get support is on Discord.


While we appreciate the passion video creators have for bringing awareness of P4G modding to a wider audience, YouTube modding guides can contain inaccuracies and quickly become outdated.
The most up-to-date information and instructions for P4G CEP will always be on and the Discord server.

Error Messages

  • Make sure your file path to P4G.exe is correct.
  • If the error persists even after Steam is open, try launching the game directly through Steam before trying again with Reloaded II or Aemulus.
  • Add an exception in your antivirus for your .Reloaded II folder.
  • If you didn't buy the game, do that please :)
  • Close the error message, wait a few seconds, and try again.
  • Close P4G if it is already running.
    • If you just launched the game, wait a few seconds for P4G to load.
    • Use Task Manager to check if P4G.exe is running in the background.
  • Make sure Steam is running and that you are signed in.
  • If you are using a desktop or Steam shortcut, delete it and re-create it.
  • If you are still getting this error, restart your PC and try again.
  • Make sure you are using Windows 11 or Windows 10.
  • Make sure Windows is up to date.
  • Make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.
  • Make sure your PC isn't doing a resource-heavy task in the background.
  • If you didn't buy the game, do that please :)
  • If you recently moved your P4G Mods folder, try launching the game once through Reloaded II so it can reconfigure its file paths.

Reloaded II

This is not an error. Please do not report it to us.
This is not an error. Please do not report it to us.
This is not an error. Please do not report it to us.

Reloaded II launches P4G, but it's not injecting any mods.

  • Make sure P4G PC Mod Loader is enabled in Reloaded II.
  • Make sure you have built your mod loadout in Aemulus and that there are files in Persona 4 Golden\mods.
  • Launch Reloaded II directly. If an update is available, download it.


Your PC's antivirus is blocking a program or file Aemulus is trying to access.
  • Add an exception for your Aemulus folder in your antivirus settings and try again.
The file path to one or more of your Aemulus packages is too long.
Make sure you have moved your P4G Mods and Aemulus folders out of the original download folder, and place them in a location with a short file path.
We recommend C:\Mods\P4G Mods and C:\Mods\Aemulus.
Your Aemulus folder is in a directory controlled by OneDrive.
  • Move the Aemulus folder somewhere else (Recommended: C:\Mods) and try again.
  • Close P4G if it is running and try again.
  • Make sure you don't have any files from your Persona 4 Golden\mods folder open in other programs.

Persona 4 Golden

P4G won't launch / P4G immediately crashes after launching.

The P4G PC Mod Loader software is incompatible with the following software:
  • Razer Cortex / Razer Synapse
  • MSI Dragon Center / MSI Control Center
  • GPUTweak
  • Any other "game boost" software
The game will crash randomly if any of these are running.
Make sure none of these programs are open before starting P4G.
P4G will crash at launch if any of the following software is running:
  • Samsung DeX
  • RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS)
  • MSI Afterburner
  • Any other framerate monitor or overlay software
To use this software, close it and wait until after you've reached the P4G title screen to relaunch it.
  • Launch P4G directly through Steam to see if it works without mods.
  • Run the Prerequisite Installer again, then unpack base files in Aemulus again.
  • If you are using custom packages with Aemulus, make sure they are correctly formatted.
  • If you added any additional mods to Reloaded II, disable or remove them and try again.
This is a known bug that affects some users.
Simply relaunch P4G and continue playing. The crash should not occur again for the rest of the game.
Buy the game please :)
  • Close any third-party controller software like DS4Windows or reWASD.
  • If you are launching P4G from a Steam shortcut, try launching the game from Aemulus or Reloaded II instead.
Weirdly enough, the only way to effectively reduce P4G's motion blur is to increase the framerate.
  • Launch P4G.
  • At the main menu, select Config and go to the Graphics tab.
  • Set the Vsync setting to Off and save your settings.
If you can get 100+ FPS, the motion blur effect will be seriously reduced.
If your cutscenes look like this:

Cutscenes are playing slowly or are being skipped entirely.

Integrated graphics cards are not officially supported by Atlus and may not be powerful enough to run P4G.
There are a few possible fixes for this issue:
Disable Custom R2 Programs
Use Low Cutscene Quality
Install WMP
Force dGPU
This issue commonly occurs when Reloaded II runs out of memory (this is unrelated to how much RAM your PC has). If you have added extra programs/mods to Reloaded II, you can accidentally push past this limit.
  • Disable any additional programs you have added to Reloaded II, such as EXP Share.
  • Launch P4G.
  • At the main menu, select Config and go to the Graphics tab.
  • Set the Cutscene Quality setting to Low and save your settings.
If you are not using the Config Clarity mod, this setting will be called Animation Quality.
Atlus recommends installing Windows Media Player if you are having trouble with cutscene playback.
  • Open the Windows Start Menu.
  • Type "apps and features" and press Enter to open the Apps and features page in the Settings application.
  • Select optional features below the second "Apps and features" header.
  • Select add a feature at the top of the Optional features page.
  • Type "Windows Media Player" into the search bar. If WMP is not installed, it should appear in the list below.
  • Check the box for Windows Media Player, then click Install (1) at the bottom of the window.
  • Once Windows has finished downloading and installing WMP, restart your PC.
If you are using Windows 10 N or Windows 10 KN, search for and install the Media Feature Pack as well using the same process.
If you have a laptop with both an Nvidia graphics card and integrated graphics, Windows might be choosing the weak Intel graphics automatically to save power.
  • Right-click on the Desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel.
  • Select Manage 3D settings on the left panel.
  • Select the Program Settings tab.
  • Click Add and select Persona 4 Golden from the list of applications.
  • From the dropdown menu under the application, select High-performance NVIDIA processor.
  • Click Apply.
These instructions were modified from content on PC Gaming Wiki and are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.


My save data disappeared.

Don't delete or overwrite your save data!
This is a nasty bug related to how P4G and the Steam cloud exchange information, but you can get your save data back safely.

Launch P4G Without Mods

  • Restart your PC.
  • Launch Steam and make sure you are not in offline mode.
  • Run P4G without any mods by launching the game directly through Steam.
If your save data has reappeared, you're all done!
If your save data has not reappeared, or it disappears again after launching P4G with mods, read on.

Get Steam ID

  • Close P4G.
  • Open Steam ID Finder and paste a link to your Steam profile to find your Steam ID.
We just want the big number at the end of the steamid3 value.
For example, my steamid3 value shows [U:1:103594589], so my Steam ID is 103594589.

Back Up Save Data

  • Open the following folder on your PC:
Replace <Steam-folder> with the path to your Steam folder.
Replace <Steam-ID> with the Steam ID you obtained in the previous step.
  • Locate the folder named remote.
  • Copy the remote folder to your P4G Mods\Backups\Save Data folder.

Save Over Save Data

  • Launch P4G (with or without mods, it doesn't matter).
  • Start a New Game.
  • Skip through the opening event scenes (double-tap Z on your keyboard) until you reach the first save point in Central Shopping District.
  • Save the game on all 16 save slots.
Don't worry, you aren't overwriting your actual save data because you made a backup!

Restore Save Data

  • Close P4G.
  • Open your <Steam-folder>\userdata\<Steam-ID>\1113000\ folder again.
  • The remote folder here now contains the 16 save slots you saved over in the last step. We no longer need it, so delete this folder.
  • Restore your backed up save data by copying the remote folder in P4G Mods\Backups\Save Data into the 1113000 folder.
After following all of these steps, your save data should work again.
Unfortunately, we don't have a definitive answer as to why this bug happens or how to prevent it from happening.
Our best efforts have lead us to believe that this issue occurs more often when:
  • P4G is launched while Steam is offline or not running
  • You are using the beta version of the Steam client (we recommend opting out)
If you can reliably reproduce this bug, or if you have found a better solution, please get in touch with us on Discord.