Additional mods and tweaks for P4G CEP.

Create Steam Shortcut

You can create a shortcut in Steam that calls Reloaded II to launch P4G and inject mods. This is required if you want to launch the game with mods in Big Picture mode.

Some controllers may not work if P4G is launched from a Steam shortcut. If this happens, you will need to launch P4G from the Reloaded II application.

Add Reloaded II Shortcut to Steam

  • Launch Steam.

  • At the top of the Steam window, select Games and click Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library... to open the Add a Game window.

  • In the Add a Game window, click Browse...

  • In the file window that opens, navigate to your P4G Mods\.Reloaded II folder and select Reloaded-II.exe.

Make sure to select Reloaded-II.exe and not Reloaded-II32.exe.

This will open the Add a Game window.

  • Click Open, then Add Selected Programs to add Reloaded II to your Steam library.

Configure Shortcut for P4G

If you were to launch your new shortcut right away, it would just open the Reloaded II menu.

Let's add some launch options to the shortcut to launch P4G through Reloaded II instead. We'll give the shortcut a more fitting name too.

  • Right-click Reloaded-II in your Steam library and select Properties.

  • Click the "Reloaded II" text at the top of the Properties window and change the shortcut name to Persona 4 Golden (or something similar).

  • In the Launch Options section, type the following:

--launch "C:\YOUR\OWN\PATH\TO\steamapps\common\Persona 4 Golden\P4G.exe"

Replace the path to P4G.exe with your own file path. Make sure to keep the quotation marks on both sides!

  • Close the Properties window.

You now have a shortcut to launch P4G with mods from Steam!

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